Meet the Team

At Amy Waltz Designs we don’t just gather around our work, we gather around each other. Through trials and triumphs we are lifted up and recognized for the essential parts we play in this small business. From the talented hands and brilliant minds that breathe life into Wearable Love Jewelry to the technical geniuses that make our work accessible to a worldwide audience, this is our team…


    Owner | Designer | Passionista

    I am a Mama, Wife, Photographer, Designer, and Jewelry Artist who simply wishes to leave this Earth a little better than before I was here. Jewelry is my vehicle for scattering as much goodness, beauty and light into the world. My favorite thing is the sound and energy of laughter, as it vibrates out, making life brighter. When I hear this from my team as they are creating, it’s the best day indeed!


    Lead Soldering Artisan | Lead Designer | Production Team Leader

    Jess has been with AWD since the beginning. I'm BEYOND grateful for this super human. She heads up production & is our soldering leader. Jess and I work closely together designing new pieces and collections. I would literally be rudderless without her. She is the glue that binds and one in a million!


    Operations Manager | Shipping & Receiving | Lead Assembly

    Morgan is an extremely dedicated team member. She manages assembly, sourcing, shipping, receiving, and web backend. She does it all with amazing accuracy and tenacity! Somehow she’s able to juggle all these balls in the air without dropping a single one. She’s an incredible asset to the team!

  • MADI

    Metal Goddess | Soldering Assistant | Esteemed Wanderer

    Madi joined us as just a babe and has transformed into a powerhouse! She's ruling the hammering department and acing soldering. Her patience, kindness, and talent shine bright. She is one that you absolutely want in your corner. I'm completely enchanted by her fairy dust magic!


    Raw Stone Enchantress | Stamping Savant | Soldering Wiz

    Marian entered our realm with boundless energy and an unparalleled talent! In record time, she adeptly navigated various production roles at AWD, elevating efficiency to unprecedented levels. Her vibrant spirit, coupled with her humor and fabulous presence, lights up our workspace. It's a privilege to embark on this journey alongside her!


    Soldering Specialist | Beautiful Mama | Incredible Human

    When Berm came to me wanting to work at AWD, I felt the hand of the universe at play! She has since proven to be an incredibly integral member of our team. She's a soldering genius, a talented designer and just an all-around amazing, badass human. I simply don't know what I'd do with her! BERM baby BERM!


    Resident Alchemist | Enlightened Empiric | Spirit Lifter

    Rach! This incredible woman, our resident Alchemist, has taken our incredibly precise and scientific process of electroforming and mastered it by throwing her entire being behind it and has not only improved it but also taken it to levels I never thought possible! She's a fairy of goodness, light & love and is a research dynamo!


    Content Curator | Good Vibe Emitter | Mama To Felix & Casper

    Phoebe is one of my favorite obsessions. She is super earthy, grounded, positive, and bright. She has taken on nearly every role at AWD but she's now our Content Curator and an absolute master at it! Most everything you read comes from her brilliant mind!


    Social Media Manager | Shoot Stylist & Coordinator | Illustrator | Raury Mama

    Suz has worn many hats at AWD. She is our social butterfly social media manager, managing all aspects in the online realm and she’s brilliant at it! She also coordinates, styles and orchestrates all elements involved with our shoots, from procuring models to styling to day-of orchestration! She also does design work for us. I am forever enamored by her!


    Patina Guru | Problem Solver | Magic Maker

    Christi took on the very difficult and often finicky world of patina like the boss she is and mastered it! She is organized, detail oriented and solves difficult scenarios. She is the one responsible for those amazing little patina rings and cuffs. She creates magic and scatters it like confetti into the world. She’s an absolute treasure.


    Patina Magician | Mood Lifter | Mama Bear

    Frannie is a breath of fresh air. She rolls with the punches and always, always has the best attitude. She is willing to jump in and do what needs doing with a smile on her face. She works in many aspects of the business from patina, to electroform to stringing Christmas lights on trees. She is a the most easy going, wonderful soul.

  • EMMA

    Stamper Extraordinaire | Sewing Specialist | Dozer Mama

    Emma! This woman has done what no one has been able to before her - master the incredibly precise and detailed process of hand casting (stamping). She is also our in-house seamstress making all of our leather work. She's a HUGE gift!

  • JUDY

    Merchandising Manager | Beauty Fortifier

    I honestly can't imagine my life without Judy. She is an incredible artist at visual merchandising and a fierce, competent team member. She does all of our show and boutique merchandising. She's a fire cracker, this one. And I'm completely smitten!

  • LIL

    Soldering Assistant | Assembly Hopeful | Model Extraordinarie

    Lil began her journey with AWD as a model. After collaborating on a few shoots, her interest in jewelry-making became evident, making it an easy decision to welcome her aboard! She has seamlessly integrated into our team and is swiftly mastering the art of soldering and assembly. Her enthusiasm and positivity are truly infectious!


    Lead Photographer | Enzo Dad | Dancin Machine

    Trev has been with AWD for a few years now and I marvel at how I survived before him. He is a super creative genius and as kind as they come. He has taken our shoots to incredible levels. With him by my side, I know there will be lots of dancing, plenty of laughter and impeccable results.


    Seasonal Soldering Goddess | Happiness Creator | Quinton Mama

    Melly is an incredible blessing to AWD. She has the brightest spirit and purest heart. She crushes it in patina and is quickly becoming a master solderer. I couldn't be more in love with this woman and all that encompasses her beautiful heart! Melly works with us seasonally and helps us thrive!


    Seasonal Copy Editing | Seasonal Support Lifter Upper

    CAIT! Her spirit shines. She truly cares deeply about humanity & is invested in propagating goodness to all. She is currently working with us seasonally when we need her positive, uplifting spirit the most!


    Lead Videographer | Magic-catcher | Video Virtuoso

    Meet our videographer, Jason! He's patient and brilliantly skilled. With a calm demeanor, he captures stories through his lens, turning ordinary moments into cinematic wonders. His silent confidence and dedication shine through his work, leaving a lasting impact on every viewer.