VIP Loyalty Program

Discover Amy Waltz Designs VIP Loyalty Rewards: Your Path to Exclusive Benefits
At Amy Waltz Designs, we're excited to introduce our VIP Loyalty Rewards Program, our heartfelt way of expressing gratitude to our cherished customers. Shopping with us now comes with added perks, making your experience even more delightful.

Two Rewarding Programs, One Ultimate Goal: Cash Back for You
Under our VIP Loyalty Rewards Program, you'll enjoy two exciting initiatives:

1. Referrals Flow: Sharing Joy, Sharing Cashback
Spread the love for our handcrafted jewelry! For every successful referral, you and your friend receive a $5 cashback, fostering connections and rewarding your loyalty.

2. VIP Tiered Program: The More You Shop, the More You Earn
Your purchases become even more rewarding:
  • Spend Over $250: Get $25 cashback
  • Spend Over $500: Receive $50 cashback
  • Spend Over $750: Enjoy $75 cashback
  • Spend Over $1000: Receive $100 cashback
  • Spend Over $1500: Get $150 cashback
  • Spend Over $2000: Enjoy an impressive $200 cashback
Enrollment Made Simple: Seamless Steps for Rewards
  1. Spot Our Widget: Look for our widget at the bottom right of the screen on any page.
  2. Click to Join: Simply click the widget and select "Join Now."
  3. Create Your Account: Set up your account or log in if you're an existing customer.
  4. Start Shopping: Your cashback rewards accrue automatically with each qualifying purchase.
Embrace the Elegance of Handcrafted Jewelry, Share the Joy with Friends, and Let the Rewards Enhance Your Amy Waltz Designs Experience.
Joining our VIP Loyalty Rewards Program is your ticket to a world of exclusive benefits. Celebrate every purchase as a testament to your unique story. Thank you for choosing Amy Waltz Designs, where your loyalty shines brightest. Start shopping, start earning, and let your journey to exquisite rewards begin today!